What is the Gig Buddy feature & how does it work?

Gig Buddy is a new feature that allows you to find other members to attend gigs/concerts with in your area. We are developing this feature over the next year once we see how members use it and what they do and don't like about it. We'll adapt to suit our members and ensure the Gig Buddy feature is intuitive and useful.

At this moment you can update your Gig Buddy status from 2 places on the site.

1. Your profile page, the Gig Buddy feature is located in the 'Looking for' editable dropdown. Once you select ''New Gig Buddies' an overlay will open asking you if you want to put in the details of the gig you are attending.

2. Upon purchase of a concert ticket from Rockifi.com. Once you have completed your ticket purchase (which happens in a new browser tab), upon returning to Rockifi you will be asked if you want to update your Gig Buddy status with the details of the gig you attending, and if you want to be included in Gig Buddy searches by other members etc. Simply choose the option that suits you and your profile will be updated and you'll be included in the 'Member Search' feature.

If you would simply like to see what other members are looking for Gig Buddies & what gigs they have tickets for, you can use our 'Member Search' page (located in left menu). There is a filter tab named 'Looking for a Gig Buddy'. You can then filter down as much as you like to see people in your area looking for Gig Buddies.

Once you click to see a members profile you can choose to follow that member or message them (if they have 'accept messages' switched on in their privacy settings). At this point it's down to you and the other member to chat and see if you would be a good Gig Buddy match and make your own arrangements to meet.

Remember if you do meet to follow our safety tips which are set out in the 'Tickets & Gig Buddies' section of the Rockchat area (accessed from the left menu options.)

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